Open Pet Show

Sponsorship and Management
Amanda Allison & Countryside Vet Clinic, Garnett

Thursday August 1st    1:00 p.m     Livestock Show Arena

General Guidelines
1. This is a youth event for ages 5 -16 years of age.
2.  All dogs (goats, potbellied pigs) must be on leash at all times.
3.  All cats or other pets (rabbits, ferrets, pocket pets, turtles) must be restrained in carrier or appropriate cage.  When handled outside carrier, cats should be fitted with harness/collar and leash.
4.  Children under 16 years old should be accompanies by parent/guardian when outside of show ring.
5.  Animals should be kept separated from other contestants at all times to prevent fights and serious injury.

Showmanship - 100 points scale
(Class is open to ALL pets.  Tables will be provided for pets needing assistance.  Dogs will be required to walk on a leash for judging.  Animals not able to walk on a leash will be judged seperately.)

- Care of the Pet - 20 points
     Owner will be judged on the overall cleanliness of pet.

- Knowledge of the Handler - 60 points
     Each owner will be judged on their ability to answer questions about their pet.

- Coordination between owner and pet - 20 points
     Owner will be judged on ability to walk animal on leash and respond to basic commands such as "sit".  Pets not able to be walked on a leash wil be judged on the owner's presentation of the pet on the table.

Owner/Pet Look-A-Like - 100 points scale
(Class is open to all pets.)

-Care of the pet - 20 points
-Knowledge of the owner - 30 points
-Resemblance - 50 points
     Owners will be judged on their ability to look like their pet.  Judging will be very informal.